Trampoline buying guide – Children and safety

Finding the best trampoline is a difficult task among numerous purchasing options. Nowadays, there is a variety of trampoline models that attract most of customer eyes and attention. Understanding the effective ways to purchase a good trampoline helps you decide which product is suitable for you the most. For people who are intending to invest in a trampoline or seek for a new method to entertain, this article is for you. It demonstrates all you need to succeed in purchasing an efficient model for the whole family to relax.

Factors to consider

Before purchasing a trampoline, you had better put into your account several important elements below.

Factors to consider


The trampolines vary greatly into different categories, including shapes, sizes, functions, prices, etc…Therefore; you had better choose the trampoline with suitable size for your backyard. Placing the trampoline on flat surface is another important requirement. Hard surface is not recommended because it may cause serious injuries if users fall out.


The safety pads not only make your trampoline attractive, but also protect your kids effectively. Main function of the pads is covering springs and metal frame for creating the comfort when children fall out. The color contrast between trampoline mat and pads should be clear for the ease of recognizing.


A net plays an important role in protecting users from jumping out of the trampoline surface. It should be made from durable materials which enhance the longevity of the trampoline. Most of trampolines nowadays equip net for the aim of improving safety and durability. A good net could withstand the impact of UV, daily tear and bad weather conditions.


It is advisable for you to take the ladder off when the trampoline is not in use. This helps avoid the situation when children try to access the trampoline without supervision. 3 feet ladder becomes the most popular option on the marketplace.

Tips for using the trampoline safely

trampoline safely

A trampoline offers great moment for fun and entertainment. However, it will cause several damages when being used in the wrong way. In order to boost the trampoline safety, you had better follow these recommendations below.

Because of the limitation of surface, a trampoline allows only one user at a time for jumping on the pad. Children should be supervised during the whole jumping process for ensuring the maximum level of safety. Moreover, read carefully the clear instructions from manufactures about setting up the trampoline establishment and the ways to use it, such as bare foot use only, dry surface, etc…Besides, you had better ensure that all parts of the trampoline are in good condition. They include pad, frame and net. For children under 6 years old, they are not recommended to play on too large trampoline. It is better if the kids jump on the center of the trampoline surface and control their balance well.

In case your trampoline needs repairing, let’s contact to the maintenance support to check out all of its problems.  Remember to add frame padding system when necessary.